Monday 12 August 2013

Role of software testers

Though they are often underrated, software testers play a huge role in software development. Right from the requirement gathering stage to when the software is completed.
How many people will take the risk of taking in untested drug? Or drive a car which is not tested? Not many people I suppose. In the same way software put on the market has to be tested. The Microsofts and apples of this world all go through testing processes with all their software before they become commercial. That is not to say they are without faults.
Developers are problem solvers, the can rack up prototypes of any system in weeks or even days but testers come from a different angle. They show weaknesses in the system. They come out with test cases to show the program breaks, which will in turn lead to corrections by the developer.
Many developing companies and freelancers in Africa do not value testing. They basically do not get why an independent body would have to verify his work. But with the gradual growth of software development in Africa of late a few are beginning to wrap their heads around the idea of testing.
It may be sometime before software testing is fully embraced in this part of the world.

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