Friday 23 January 2015

Types of encryption in PHP

Most of us when we create an authentication system or other system that store user passwords use the famous function md5 to encrypt information, which already in 2004 was violated so it lost confidence in the developer community

Therefore many have changed our encryption method one compound other than sha1, md5 and salt. Whereupon we left some dictionaries that are anywhere outside.

Lets see some of examples sha1 encryption, salt and md5


MD5 is represented by a 32-digit hexadecimal, minimal change within the word will give us how a different encryption result.


It is represented by a string of 40 hexadecimal digits, is more secure than MD5 but under brute force is no longer effective.


It is a hash created by the programmer who adds an explicit reference to the formation of the password string, which thus ceases to belong to common dictionaries, it is the most advisable to encrypt passwords  because only the creator of system is able to know how the phrase is made.

I hope it will be helpful when you have to create a system user or to understand how the types of encryption function.

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